It´s my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to my very first blog post on this site! Also – my very first post in English! 

Let me start of by explaining you very briefly what you can expect from this site in the time to come 🙂

My mission with this blog – is to cut your learning curve, and to let you find what you need in one place.
This blog is all about teaching you how to understand your camera, finding good compositions, understanding the fundamentals of photography and how to edit those bad boys into the marvelous beauties they deserve to be! All of this, in a language I wished someone used when I was starting out. Understandable, simplified, using examples.

When I first got into photography a few years back, I struggled to find blogs, articles and YouTube channels to answer all my questions about photography. How do I get started? What camera should I get? How does my idols get those amazing shots? What the h*** is ISO? Aperture? Shutter speed? What focal length is best for landscapes? Why does my camera have 1300 buttons, settings and configurations? And because I knew nothing, I didn´t understand much. It felt overwhelming. And since I had no clue, I didn´t know where to start.

It felt like I climbed a mountain in the dark. I didn´t know where to look, or what to look for.  It took me quite some time to understand how everything was connected.

That´s why this blog is divided into different categories. The photoblog follows me on my photo shoots – where I explain my thought process through the shoot, some info about the location and a brief summary of the shoot. The categories “Editing“, “Gear” and “Technical” is all about tutorials and teaching. Posts marked “Top rated” are those you should definitely should have a look at.  Feel free to jump around 🙂

Let me know in the comments below what you think – and please tell me if there is anything you think I should cover that you would like to see 🙂


Hope to see you back here real soon! Let´s stay connected 🙂



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