Getting the photo is about planning, patience and a good portion of luck.

With camera bags packed, fresh coffee on the thermos and a thin layer of clouds covering the sun, it was already a good start to what would become an extraordinary day. Photographers are a rare breed of people. What we don´t like, is a clear, sunny day. It makes the light harsh and flat. We are the ones that celebrate fog, mist, thunder, lightning and clouds. The motives simply looks better that way. We were in luck!

About an hour´s drive from where I live in Volda, you find a magical route, stretching from the gates of the Geiranger fjord, Hellesylt, to Urke, a small place located in one of the most avalanche exposed areas in Norway. From there you can take the ferry to Sæbø, and back to Volda! This drive takes you through the spectacular view over the Geiranger fjord, to the mountain pass close to Urke, and alongside the Hjørund-fjord. Mountains surround you on both sides, with snowy tops and awesome landscapes wherever you turn.

Our little group of six used the whole day to shoot and enjoy nature. It´s my favorite thing about photography – being with great friends, as well as getting out to see and experience the beautiful nature that is all around us!

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If you notice, you can see how I try to find lines in the scenery that points towards a focal point in the image. This is a great way to lead the eye to a certain spot in the photo, and helps the viewer to understand where to look. If the motive is clear, leading lines don´t matter that much – but if the motive, or focal point, is somehow unclear, leading lines can really make a difference.

I hope you enjoy these photos – and that I´ll se you back here real soon. In the upcoming days I will keep filling the page with content – so stay tuned.

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