Photography is challenging in sub zero temperatures. But it sometimes makes the best photos.

The actual name of the place is Tjøme, but it´s called “The worlds end” cause there is nothing but ocean for as far as the eye can see when you get out there, and in earlier days, as we know, the earth was believed to be flat. People were scared to sail out, being in dager of falling of the edge. Funny. But given the endless ocean, and lack of education back then, who could blame them 😉

DON´T MISS – “Exposure – Shutter speed, aperture and ISO explained – simple

The view is absolutely stunning with waves slamming against the reefs just outside the coast, stunning bare rocks – honed down by glaciers thousands of years ago as well as the wonderfully clean ocean air.

DON´T MISS“Photo session in the Sunnmøre Alps”

Dressed appropriately for a trip to the north pole and back, we roamed area for hours – enjoying the scenery, scouting for locations to shoot. I really wanted to showcase the slippery honed bare rocks, as well as the lighthouse located on higher grounds for ships to see back in the days. The small bridge leading out from mainland to a series of small islands was a great little bonus.

Roses are red – so were our cheeks

So after having seen what we wanted to see, gotten the photos we wanted to get, it was such a relief to be able to go inside the small restaurant and get the warmth back in our frozen bodies. Nothing tastes better than a hot cup of Cafe au lait when you´re that cold! The table next to ours ordered some insane looking sea food plate – sooooo – we´ll be back to get one of those later – for sure!

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Hope to see you out there, photographing like crazy people!

See you next time, guys 🙂 Cheers!

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