Some photos look amazing straight outta camera, with no editing! On the other hand some editing can take the photo to the next level.

And I really hope you don´t get scared by the prospect of doing some editing. Once you get the hang of it – a whole new world will reveal it self to you, and your photo game in general.

The goal in these posts are to build awareness of why to edit, and how.

Either you plan to spend a few bucks on the Adobe software, or can make due with some free software – it still comes down to you making the right decisions while editing. In this category we will take a deeper dig into to underworld of photo editing, and the treasures we shall find down there.

Many softwares offer presets for you to use, either for free, or paid. Free or not – the fact remains – NO preset will look good, used on the wrong image. It all comes down to the colors in the image, temperature in the light, amount of light, contrasts and what motive you shoot. Follow these posts, and you will understand why some presets works, and some don´t. You will also be able to tweak them to fit your need, as well as making your own unique look and presets!

Who knows – you might get mine as well.

Lightroom edit print screen

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