Oh man have we all been there.. The first staggering steps into the world of camera gear. Just take a deep breath – we´ll get things straightened out!

The cashier gives you that look. Like you have done them serious wrong. Killed of their entire family or something amazingly insane. No. They just can´t seem to grasp the fact that you don´t know the difference between the 24-70mm f/4, and the 24-70mm f/2.8. Like you´re some kinda freak.

Believe me. I´ve been there. Still am, sometimes.

We´ll use this category to look at some fairly important stuff you should know before you go out there and spend all your hard earned cash. What camera should you look at? Is the difference in quality really that huge? Should you spend fortunes on expensive glass, or invest your bank elsewhere? We´ll look at some of the basic gear photographers tend to use, and take a look at the difference between them. Maybe we can unveil a cheaper option, tailored to your needs?

Don´t worry – this might seem frightening at first – but you´ll get it pretty fast. And once you know what to look for – the rest is piece of cake! Yumm!


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