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Clear your mind with photography

The rain is hammering on the window. A thin layer of fog is battling the hot airstream from the cars air condition - overtaking parts of the windshield.  The roar of the small diesel engine is almost humming Morten to sleep. I'm not just awake - I'm a...
My camera bag with gear

What´s in my camera bag?

One of the things I love the most, is to see what other photographers are packing! This is my camera bag! There are of course many variations to how i pack my camera bag - it all depends on the shoot I´m heading out for! Sometimes it calls for more flashes, l...

Editing - made simple

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Gear - made simple

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My camera bag with gear
Introduction to camera gear

Let´s get technical - in a simple way

The stuff that makes your camera work

Exposure triangle
Slow shutter speed
Low ISO vs high ISO