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My camera bag with gear

What´s in my camera bag?

One of the things I love the most, is to see what other photographers are packing! This is my camera bag! There are of course many variations to how i pack my camera bag - it all depends on the shoot I´m heading out for! Sometimes it calls for more flashes, l...
Lighthouse at the worlds end

Photo session at “The worlds end”

Photography is challenging in sub zero temperatures. But it sometimes makes the best photos. The actual name of the place is Tjøme, but it´s called "The worlds end" cause there is nothing but ocean for as far as the eye can see when you get out there, and...

Editing - made simple

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Gear - made simple

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My camera bag with gear
Introduction to camera gear

Let´s get technical - in a simple way

The stuff that makes your camera work

Exposure triangle
Slow shutter speed
Low ISO vs high ISO